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Facts of Roulette

How many players will play offline at any given time?
In the casinos, there is usually eight or less players at any given table so that the dealer can effectively watch the table and make it a fun game.

What is the dealers’ proper name in Roulette?
The Croupier is the one who spins the roulette wheel and handles the wagers and payouts.

What does the Roulette wheel have on it?
The wheel has 37 slots representing 36 numbers and one zero. In the United States, most roulette wheels have two zeros and therefore 38 slots.

How is Roulette played?
To play roulette, you place your bet or bets on numbers; these numbers can include everything from 00-0 to 36. The numbers are selected on the table layout or on the outside; when everybody at the table has had a chance to place their bets the wheel starts the spin and launches the ball, which then will land on any number.

What are the payout rules on a Roulette table?
A bet on one number only, called a straight-up bet, pays 35 to 1.
A two-number bet, called split bet, pays 17 to 1
A three-number bet, called street bet, pays 11 to 1
A four-number bet, called corner bet, pays 8 to 1
A six-number bet pays 5 to 1
A bet on the outside dozen or column, pays 2 to 1
A bet on the outside even money bets, pays 1 to 1

What factors determine if you are going to win at Roulette?
If you can guess well, if you are having a lucky day, and if you have money to play.