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Learning to bet at Roulette

There are a number of bets that you can place playing Roulette. The obvious bets are the number 0, 00 and 1 – through 36. Obviously you have a one in 38 chance of winning, but from that point you can increase the amount you will win, lose by learning a bit more about betting in Roulette. Read on.

Offline Roulette

Roulette is a table game, just as poker is, where more than one player can be at the table at any given time. It really doesn’t matter how many people are at the roulette table, if you can find a chair you can play.

You will see the wheel either in the center of a circle table or on the end of an oval like table. The roulette table is rarely square so that every one around the table can see the wheel clearly.

The table will most likely be felt so that the chips can be placed easily on the roulette table without them sliding or being bumped to another location so that there are no mistakes on where your chips are placed providing a safe place for your bets to be made.

Online you will find that the many casinos make their tables look similar, placing your chips on the table, with a click of the button and you can always change your mind before the dealer calls, and the wheel is spun.

Both online and offline, there is a little square that will represent the number on the wheel where you can place your bet by placing your chip there.

There are also going to be other markings on the roulette table, that allow you to place your bet in other options, such as a black, a red, or an even number, an odd number, a number between one and ten, eleven and twenty and so on covering all the possible options and numbers on the roulette wheel.

Placing a bet on your favorite number and the color of your choice can bring your odds to winning even closer. The more bets you place the more often you are going to win because you are covering more options on the roulette wheel for the number that could be chosen.

You can also bet on more than one number at a time through special placement of your bets (if you bet on the line between 1 and 2, you are betting on both numbers).
The other positions are called "outside" bets. They represent ranges of bets. You can bet that a red will come up, or an even number, or one of the first twelve numbers (1-12), and so on.

The more precise your number or color pick, the more you will win.

For instance, if you bet $10 that 00 will win and it does, you will win $350.

If you bet $10 that a black number will win, you will win only $10.

You also have the opportunity to bet on more than one number with a single bet. If you place your chip on the line between two numbers, you are betting on both and will win if either one of them comes up.

Below is a list of the possible bets along with the payout

Single Number Bet - Pays 35 times your bet
Two Number Bet - Pays 17 times your bet
Three Number Bet - Pays 11 times your bet
Four Number Bet - Pays 8 times your bet
Five Number Bet - Pays 6 times your bet
Six Number Bet - Pays 5 times your bet

Twelve Number Bet (1-12, 13-24, or 25-35) - Pays 2 times your bet (except columns which pay 2 times your bet).

Eighteen Number Bet (Red, Black, Odd, Even, 1st 18, or 2nd 18) - Pays 1 times your bet.
You are allowed to place as many bets as you like in each spin. If you wanted to bet on Red, 23, Odd, and 13-24, you could do so. You would be paid individually for each bet that wins.