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Roulette Superstitions

The numbers will always fall in to place – they don’t, you have to make them work for you!

Choose numbers that feel lucky to you – every one has a lucky number, go with it!

Walk away when you have lost more than you can afford.

After you see your favorite number hit three times, change it and play another for at least five spins to get a change.

Choose one color and bet on it for at least five spins, if you lose, change for five spins and go back to your favorite number again.

Remember that no one can beat the wheel all the time, keep your head about you when placing money bets. Keep them according to the odds so that you are not always taking the long shot; spread your bets out a bit.

You will hit a straight bet (one number) on average one out of 38 times. You will only be paid 35 times your bet when you do hit it. This is a big hint in spreading out your bets to lower the odds of your losing.

The only way to win on a long-term basis is through betting strategies, any strategy is better than just putting bets down on any numbers.

Never jump from table to table as you might leave your luck behind you.

Be sure you don’t fight with your woman or man at the table as this can only bring you bad luck, breaking any lucky streak you might have had.

Don’t ever go gambling just because you are mad, this will only cause bad karma to follow you – go when you are happy, out for a good time and you will build memories for a lifetime!